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Learning to play piano proficiently is not easy. It requires a great deal of practice, training, and dedication. However, like most worthwhile challenges in life, the rewards are great. Having taught piano for the past 17 years, one thing I've learned is that students are much more likely to continue lessons if they enjoy learning. I do my best to make piano fun by engaging students in group lessons, hosting games and other musical activities, and allowing students to choose the music that they want to play.

I welcome students of all skill levels, ages five to senior. Here's what some of my students and colleagues are saying about me:


"April is an excellent instructor. She provides a lot of positive feedback and encouragement, and is very patient with adult students who have difficult schedules and restrictions on their ability to practice. If you're a potential adult student who is worried about taking up piano later in life, I highly recommend April." - Elija (Age 30), June 2011
"I can't thank you enough for your wonderful playing and all of your help and support in putting this concert together. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I would certainly hire you again, and I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs an accompanist. Thanks so much!" - Katie, Director of Music, Dawson Middle School
"April strikes the perfect balance between discipline and fun in her teaching. She has a kind, casual demeanor, but is strict in the areas she needs to be in order to properly teach piano. I appreciate the opportunity to learn pieces I want to learn, and have gained a lot of confidence in my abilities in the group lessons and recitals. I thoroughly enjoy taking lessons with her." - Tim M., Adult Student, 6/2001 - Present

"Piano music has always soothed my soul. I have attempted to take lessons in the past, both as a child, and once or twice before as an adult. Never, until now, have I lasted more than a few months. April's talent, knowledge, teaching style, patience, and fliexibility create a welcoming environment, to which I willingly return." - RMK, Adult Student

"April is everything one could hope for in a piano teacher. Particularly for those of us on or nearing the time for receiving Social Security benefits. I'm sure teaching adults is far more challenging than working with youngsters although patience is required in either situation. The thing I like most about April is that she is infinitely patient and entirely nonjudgmental when it comes to the skill level we each try to attain. She is appropriately demanding but also quite understanding, helpful, and lets us progress at our own pace rather than trying to rush us into the next level of skill. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone no matter what age or prior knowledge of music one might have." - Bob Greenlee, Adult Student, Retired Entrepreneur and former Mayor of Boulder.

"I have always wanted to learn how to play piano so for my 40th birthday I decided to give myself the gift of piano lessons. I've been with April almost 5 years and I am so grateful I found her as my first teacher. She is a great teacher, very patient, always encouraging. As you might imagine, learning to read music and play piano at 40 is like trying to learn a new language. It is not easy! April has helped me so much as I have struggled through the process. It is because of her that I have made such great progress and am able to play music that I enjoy. I would highly recommend April to anyone wanting to learn to play or improve their playing. She has also taught my son and although he has since switched to guitar (typical teenager), he still loves to play the piano. He had a very solid foundation in reading music and music theory from April and it has helped him in his guitar lessons." - Karen L., Adult Student

"April has been my piano tutor for five months now. As an older person I wanted someone to help me realize a too-long unfulfilled desire to play music in a manner that balanced the right amount of discipline with freedom to explore on my own. April has provided that balance and as I become more confident I expect more discipline and that is fine by me. If you want to learn something then you should learn it correctly.

Every six weeks or so April hosts an extended group lesson that provides a fun and supportive atmosphere to learn about music and a chance to play in front of others. A wide range of ages (senior grade school through AARP qualifiers and above!!) and abilities attend. It is a great way to meet friends and gain confidence playing before others. Of course I was nervous the first time but soon embraced the encouragement of the great people in the group. Now I look forward to learning a new piece to play. Come join us! -
Ian Cartwright, Broomfield, CO (Age 48), May 2010

"My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons with April for several months and we both love it. She truly has the heart of a teacher. She is so great with my daughter and her love of music is infectious. I feel very blessed that we were able to find her.
Kristine (age 32) and Megan (age 8), October 2010

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting. Thanks!


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